What We do

We are happy to provide you and your business with a complete brand system from start to finish.

Brand Consulting & Strategy

We work with you to create a fully developed brand strategy and communication to help you stand out amongst your competitors as well as your company’s territory.

The first step in every great endeavor is with a solid strategy, communication, and plan of distribution. Smetherman Brand utilizes mastery brand strategy techniques to deliver powerful concepts that elevate your company’s marketing plan as well remaining consistent throughout your brand assets and communications.

Design & Creative Services

Your brand is more than just a logo. Ensure that all your company assets are consistent and within your brand guidelines that you set within your brand strategy, mission statement, and core values.

You have completed your fundamental and base work for your brand (i.e., brand mission, core values, and goals) and now you are ready to breathe life into your brand! You will need a variety of visuals and pieces to get you going. We offer a variety of different brand asset packages as well as al-la-carte services to ensure your brand is consistent from top to bottom.

Website Design & Development

Grow your brand’s digital presence with a consistent and powerful website, built to convert your customers into long term clients.

Building your brand and logos is just the first step. Now it’s time to reach your targeted audience globally with a top-notch website design, developed to be fully responsive and looking great no matter what digital device they view it.


Is your to-do list a little messy and all over the place? Are you not sure which a-la-carte services you are needing with your brand? Schedule a full, or half, day and we will work together to create lasting impressions for both your company and customers.

Join our exclusive client list and be a part of VIP Design and Brand Consulting days. No matter the size, big or small, we will work through all your to-dos and checklists to create powerful content and visuals for you! Half days and full days are available!

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