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1:1 Strategy and Coaching

One on One Coaching with Katie. She works with you to create a fully developed brand strategy and communication to help you stand out amongst your competitors as well as your company’s territory.

The first step in every great endeavor is with a solid strategy, communication, and plan of distribution. Smetherman Brand utilizes mastery brand strategy techniques to deliver powerful concepts that elevate your company’s marketing plan as well remaining consistent throughout your brand assets and communications.

From the Ground Up

Back to the basics. The first step in building a successful brand system is to gather information and develop a strong communication. Many things need to be taken into consideration before the look and feel of your company is created. This first step is actually the most important one, as it creates a solid understanding of your incredible company, who your targeted audience is, and how you can best serve your customers. We work with you individually or with your executive team to get bottom line results for your brand.

Katie’s workshop utilize some of the best brand strategy techniques from top international branding and design companies around the world.

The Process

Step 1

Katie starts by looking at your brand and where it stands against your competitors and the marketplace. Through this research Katie helps to develop your brand’s Purpose, Idea, Belief, and Inspiration (*Utilizing the Brand Driver ® Platform Technique designed by world renowned company, Landor). Rounding out this process, Katie finishse with your ‘Why’ statement. Your why is what shapes your company’s culture and builds a solid foundation for your entire team members to stand on.

Step 2

Now that you have a firm foundation for your company’s brand to stand on, Katie next begins to tackle your brand’s Mission Statement, Core Values, and Company Culture. This is where your company stands out from the rest. Katie looks at your target audience and help define your communication to reach that market for your business to succeed.

Step 3

Last but certainly not least is putting all these beautiful pieces together. Katie creates your individualized brand strategy document and work on the next steps for building your brand assets that will most benefit your company’s needs. Company’s brand assets are not all identical. Each one is as unique as a fingerprint and complex as the human system.

The Brand Strategy Plan

4 Week Intensive Workshop


1 Hour (+ 2 hours for Research and strategy)

  • Together we look at your competition
  • Define your target audience
  • Discuss your company’s current branding and future goals you would like for your company to achieve.


1 Hour (+ 2 Hours for research and strategy)

  • Brand Driver Platform Workshop: We develop your brand’s Purpose, Idea, Belief, and Inspiration
  • Develop and Define your company’s WHY statement


1 Hour Workshop (+ 3 hours for Research and strategy)

  • Brand Mission Statement
  • Core Values definitions
  • Company Culture and Target Audience language



1 Hour Workshop for next steps strategy (+ 4 hours for book development)

  • We create your Company Brand Book that communicates all these elements for you to share with your employees and your customers via printed materials or online.
  • We strategize your next steps for brand designing pieces your company will specifically need to grow and retain clients.


Price: $3,295


Is your to-do list a little messy and all over the place? Are you not sure which a-la-carte services you are needing with your brand? Schedule a full, or half, day and we will work together to create lasting impressions for both your company and customers.

Join our exclusive client list and be a part of VIP Design and Brand Consulting days. No matter the size, big or small, we will work through all your to-dos and checklists to create powerful content and visuals for you! Half days and full days are available!

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