Kind Words

What my clients say about me

Katie is an extremely talented with a rare dedication and pride in her work not found in most designers. She has a brilliant knack for branding guidelines, taking branding far beyond logo design and creating a true long-term system and brand experience. Katie works well with others and isn’t afraid to step up and manage processes to get deliverables out the door.

I highly recommend Katie and am absolutely honored to have worked with her.

Ross Van Balen

Art Director

Katie is an absolute boss. I have worked with Katie for almost two years now on several business ideas and projects and have been able to see her work grow and evolve into so many different areas. Whatever dream I had in my head, Katie was able to make it a reality and went above and beyond to make sure it was perfect! I absolutely love working with her too – through the work – we became great friends and I know I can always count on her.

I have worked with other designers on smaller projects, but nobody will ever compare to Katie’s professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend her to everyone that is looking for high-quality work and I will continue working with her for years to come!

Elena Favaro Viana

CEO & Founder, Contracts for Entrepreneurs

Katie is a powerhouse creator, combining expert design skills with a strategic mindset to bring brands to life. I had the pleasure of working with Katie on half a dozen projects during our Masters and she was always a key participant in every stage, from research design and insight analysis to storyboarding and presenting. In addition to her professional skills, Katie is energetic, empathetic, and collaborative–a great addition to any team!

Rebecca Shamritsky

Content Manager, Personal Branding

I’ve worked with Katie in two projects, and it has been an incredible time. Not only she combines refined aesthetics and design skills, but she also brings a very strategic mindset into everything she does, connecting two things that are hard to combine but she mastered it beautifully. Looking forward to work with you again!

Thaina Bergmann

Strategist, AKQA

Catherine and I collaborated for a year and it was a great honor to learn from her. She is one of the best in her design field and is always willing to share best practices.

Her industry knowledge helped us well integrate design and branding to improve the project proposals. She is also very responsible and detail-oriented, qualities that make her stand out. I wish her the best in all his endeavors!

Shannon Yeh

Strategy Consultant, RBC Brand

I just started my business and if it wasn’t for my twin brother Guillermo and Katie it would NOT exist! My brother came up with the name and as soon as we told it to Katie she designed our logo. But to call her a designer is falling far short; Katie Smetherman is a professional artist. I gave her the vaguest of directions when we decided to change the logo “add this but don’t make it look bad” and somehow she designed the best brand for my business. Every step of the way Katie has been at my side helping me not just draw designs but build my whole brand. She is an irreplaceable asset to my company and I cannot recommend her hard enough.

Juan Wilkinson

Founder & Candy Maker, The Hard Candy

Ms. Smetherman took my poorly executed simple logo, and transformed it into an amazing piece of art I am proud to show my customers and attach to all my products. She was with us every step of the way with ideas, suggestions, and different color schemes until she created something truly unique for our small business.

Guillermo Wilkinson

Founder, The Hard Candy Company

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