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And move things from your list and to ours.

Let’s get down to business. Your business.

We are happy to release this new service with Brand Studio Creative, that offers full services to our elite client list. Book a 1:1 Strategy and Design Session with our Master Brander Katie Smetherman, to knock off those things on your list you have been pushing aside. She is offering dedicated time slots available to all Brand Studio Creative clients for half or full days, depending on your list.

This exclusive service is available to those who have worked with Brand Studio Creative in the past and are looking for more time on their project. This may include new pieces that you want to pitch to a brand strategist, or they could be production pieces in your business that you are needing fresh designs for. Whatever the case and whatever the work load, our Master Brander is excited to work with you and help your business with their next steps.

Half or Full Days

Services that are included with our half or full day’s range from company’s brand assets to digital services See our full-service list of what is offered below.

*Options upon request. Please fill out a contact form to tell us more in depth about your project needs so that we may provide a budget and hours needed to complete.


  • Letterhead designs
  • Digital letterheads
  • Digital pdf flysheets
  • Flysheets
  • Second Sheets
  • New team members business cards
  • Presentation designs and revisions
  • Manual designs
  • Brand material templates
  • Sticker designs
  • Label Designs
  • Logo resizing
  • Pop Up Banner Designs


  • Updating blogs
  • Scheduling blogs
  • Updating content
  • Updating photography
  • Photography curation for web and social
  • Social media designs from template
  • Saving files/photos for web
  • Email signature update

Our workshops utilize some of the best brand strategy techniques from international branding and design companies around the world.

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