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Can finding your inner wisdom change your life? Can harnessing the power of your experiences and the lessons you’ve gleaned from them allow you to wholeheartedly go after the life you’ve always envisioned? The answer is YES, and my fellow authors are proof.

Just like me, they have experienced a moment that ignited them toward an awakening of what is possible in life. And just like me, they hope to inspire others around the world to do the same by sharing their story in the new book Ignite Your Wisdom.

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About The Book

Thirty-four authors, just like you, have come together to share both powerful awakenings and triumphant new beginnings that were the ignition point for their growth. Their transformative “Ignite Moment” of self-reflection and change is designed to motivate and encourage you. 

In reading their story, you will step into your own power and embrace your personal journey with all the infinite wisdom that it holds. You will see where your story has created great wisdom for you. You will discover the wisdom present in your life and gain the clarity and conviction to pursue your most cherished dreams. 

Be ignited to create your story, motivated to make changes, and inspired to say yes to becoming the very best. wisdom-inspired version of ‘you‘. 

This book is a collection of real, empowering stories written by individuals from countless walks of life. Their different backgrounds and experiences give powerful insights from every perspective, making every story in Ignite Your Wisdom unique. Each one of us is hoping our story will inspire you to uncover the hidden brilliance within you, awaken a powerful wisdom within, and bring you the knowledge that all of life’s challenges have a lesson to learn.

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After working with Ignite for many years, I finally dove into writing my first Ignite chapter, and I could not be happier about the journey. I ask myself: What took me so long?

JB Owen and the entire Ignite team guide you through the process seam-lessly and ensure that you will complete your chapter proudly. The editors were phenomenal in providing comfort to my story and provided great feedback that made me feel more empowered as a writer. To everyone who is unsure if they want to write a book, just do it! You won’t regret it.


Testimonial, Katie Smetherman



Written by

34 Exceptional Authors



Written by International Best Selling Author, JB Owen



“Keep moving forward as grace in motion.”

As you read my story, I want you to know that even if you are a hardwork-ing spirit, you must remember to allow yourself grace. It’s okay to take the time you need when you are struggling. Low seasons don’t have a time limit. It isn’t about getting over them but through them. I encourage you to find the help you need from your family, friends, and professionals to get back up and achieve all the dreams you set out for.

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Mom drove that phrase into my brother’s and my heads since the day we were born. My parents were dedicated and supportive while still being very strong and career-driven. They made sure that we knew the power of hard work and commitment — be it toward your job and your coworkers, or your friends and your family. As I grew up, I learned that what Mom meant was: anything is possible as long as you have the heart and courage to keep moving forward in your goals. If my brother or I were ever “slacking off,” my mother would give us a laundry list of to-do tasks to get done around the house. This hardworking spirit drove me to excel in my academic studies and my personal hobbies. I never ‘half-assed’ anything; I always used my whole ass.

When I got my whole ass to the University of Houston, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and career. Two years in, I switched majors and decided to pursue graphic communications. I knew then that I wanted to be in the creative field of fine arts because aside from the power of hard work, Mom also taught me softer things in life. She loved sewing for her family, painting, and being in the garden. She created so many wonderful things with the sim-plest of ingredients, and because of that, I have found joy in being creative. I love the thrill of making something from nothing, the endless possibilities of what hard work and commitment can make. Mom and I frequently traveled to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to look at all the exhibits, from sculptures to paintings, abstract to realism. We devoured it all and spent hours captivated and mesmerized by the different artists. I found myself drawn to the more graphical pieces, and it inspired me to dive deeper into my studies.

I surprised my parents by graduating summa cum laude, then moved into the working class, changing jobs only once in six years. I was with a great company but felt it was time to spread my wings elsewhere. I began to think about my next big move and milestone. My parents, always my biggest cheer-leaders, sensed a big change was on the horizon and made sure that I knew I had their support in whatever I chose to do.

My dream was to have my own design company; a dream I frequently discussed with anyone who would lend an ear. I knew I would have to further my education and skill set with more business strategy to make this dream a reality. I wanted to complete my master’s degree, but it meant moving away from my hometown of Houston, Texas. Mom had been a big inspiration for my love of traveling and exploring new places. After graduating college, she backpacked through Europe with only a camera bag as her suitcase! I listened intently to her stories, excitedly anticipating the day when I would have my own travel adventures.

I achieved both goals at once when I was accepted into the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, Italy. To share that exciting news, I purchased the movie Roman Holiday — a favorite of mine and Mom’s. I told my parents, “I’m about to have my own Roman holiday!” They were ecstatic and decided to travel to Italy with me and help me move to my new apartment while having a two-week Italian vacation of their own.




Every person on this planet is interconnected through the stories we tell one another. We learn and grow from the inspiration and truth within these stories and often find clarity in our own lives through them. One thing I have learned in my life is a deep, hard-won wisdom, which I am so thrilled to share in my upcoming book, Ignite Your Wisdom.

Ignite Your Wisdom is the latest compilation book from Ignite Publishing. My fellow authors and I have explored the experiences in our lives that allowed our wisdom to bloom and how we have energized, uplifted, and inspired ourselves through that inner wisdom.

I share in my own chapter the story of the moment I discovered the wisdom that has guided my life. I know it will show you a new way forward and inspire great things for you as well.

About the author.

Katie Smetherman is a Master Brand Strategist, International Best Selling Author, and Award Winning Designer. She has worked with many high profile clients as well as entrepreneurs just starting out in their business. Katie is dedicated to not only her clients, but in continuously learning about brand strategies and design practices. Many of her clients have worked with her for years and often refer her to their friends and coworkers.

Katie is not only passionate about design, but she works strategically, efficiently, and with precision on all her clients’ needs. Get started with her today on your brand, whether it’s a project or a full brand identity, and watch how your company will transform.

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