3 Mistakes you are making with your brand

by | Jun 28, 2021

I run across many mistakes that I see my clients making before they work with me on their business. Luckily I have a few I can share with you today that will help you not make the same mistakes in your brand!

Not investing in their brand identity and brand strategy!
Your brand is the face and personality of your company. Why would you not want it to look the best? All of your customers/clients are looking at your company’s brand to see how well developed it is and then making a judgement from those visuals and communications on how you will interact with them. Bottom line.

INVEST in proper brand strategy and brand identity.
Hiring a cheaper option, and then having to redo everything that was done.
This one I get A LOT. So many people want to take the cheaper option instead of (like I mentioned above) investing in a qualified brand strategist or experienced graphic designer. But when they have hire the cheaper option, many of them have to hire someone else to fix what was previously created, causing them to spend more money.

Not having a well developed and responsive website

The first thing that all your customers do when they hear about a new company, is immediately look them up on google and go to their website. This should be an extension of your brand and should be properly developed. This means that all your branding and visuals follow your brand guidelines, as well as your communication follows your brand’s established tone of voice.

Are you struggling with your brand?

Knowing where to start is hard, but we are here to make this process streamlined and effortless. We care about the success of your company and ensure that your brand represents YOU and your vision. Our team is lead by a master’s in brand strategy and communications CEO working hard so you can expect that your business will be visually consistent both digitally and in print.

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