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Your brand is more than just a logo. Ensure that all your company assets are consistent and within your brand guidelines that you set within your brand strategy, mission statement, and core values.

Now you are ready to breathe life into your brand! You will need a variety of visuals and pieces to get you going. Below you will find a few of the branding packages that we offer for brand strategy and graphic design services. If you have any questions, Schedule a FREE 1:1 Design Consultation by clicking below to reserve your spot!

Branding Packages

A-La-Carte Services

A-la-Carte services are available upon request. The best way to stretch your dollar is through one of our package deals.

For more unique service requests, please contact us individually so that we may be able to provide you with a more accurate quote.

Presentation Design & Development Services

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation designs and template. Are you struggling with the functionalities of PowerPoint or Keynote and don’t have time to flesh out the design of your presentation? Let us take care of that so you can focus on the most important piece of your presentation, the content. We know that you have worked hard on your research, development, and strategy in your presentation. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We will take your brand assets and apply them to a powerful design that will leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Contact us today for a quote on our presentation services. You provide us the content and we do the rest.


Is your to-do list a little messy and all over the place? Are you not sure which a-la-carte services you are needing with your brand? Schedule a full, or half, day and we will work together to create lasting impressions for both your company and customers.

Join our exclusive client list and be a part of VIP Design and Brand Consulting days. No matter the size, big or small, we will work through all your to-dos and checklists to create powerful content and visuals for you! Half days and full days are available!

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