Portrait Photography

Sabrina and Jacob

One of my cousins, Sabrina, was able to attend two proms this year with her boyfriend since he went to a different school. Her and her mother immediately asked me if I would be able to take photos of them and some of their friends on their event filled day. How could I say no!

They were such a ray of sunshine to work with. All of the students were on their best behavior even though it was very humid and hot the day that we took the photos. I was fortunate to be wearing more comfortable clothes with the weather to allow me to take all the shots I wanted, but they were the real heroes of the day. They held their heads high with such confidence and elegance, even though they could not escape the sweat from all the black polyester they were under.

Seeing how happy the couple and friends made each other made me forget the time and place that we were at. They were contagious and fed off my energy as well. I would absolutely love to do another photoshoot with them. Can’t wait to see where their journey takes them after high school and in their careers.

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