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I was so excited to finally create my own Roman Holiday this year! One of my closest friends was having their wedding in Pescara Italy and invited a few select friends to be there. She and her husband met in Houston and intantly fell in love. When her fiance had to return to Italy, she quickly followed. She was born and raised in France and came to Houston on a work visa. Their love was such an incredible one that I was able to witness during their time Houston. 

After the wedding, a close friend of my decided to take a little mini roadtrip throughout a part of Italy so that I could experience it. We both had never been before and were so excited to embark on this new adventure together. We traveled from Milan to Rome, then to Pescara for the wedding, then explored the hills of Umbria, stopped by Florence, and then got lost in the mountains of Genova in a nature reserve. Our last stop was back to Milan where I had a meeting planned for another chapter in my life. 

Enjoy a few select photographs from my travels around Italy. Can’t wait to visit back in a few months. 

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