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Is your branding blending in instead of standing out for your clients?

You might be missing more pieces in your branding than you think! Many of them could be costing you potential THOUSANDS of dollars in customers or clients!

Get in touch today to learn how Brand Studio Creative solves your branding problems.

Is your brand lacking consistency?

Have you noticed inconsistencies within your company’s brand and don’t know where to begin to fix it? Not to worry! We are here to help solve those issues and attract your ideal clients.

Struggling with your brand message & strategy?

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Branding with an expert

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Stop struggling with your branding

Get on the road to success!

Are you struggling with your brand showing up properly?
Is your brand lacking consistency in your marketing?

You deserve to have the right branding that propels your company’s mission forward.

Your brand is how you tell your story to your customers. It is a living, breathing entity that deserves tender love and care to help ensure that it will bloom abundantly and consistently. With the right team as your support system, you company will soar to new heights and grow.

The goal of brand strategy is not to attract everyone, but to attract the right people that resonate with your company and lead them to engagement and a sale.

This is where Brand Studio Creative come in.

BSC creates powerful visuals that help entrepreneurs, like you, stand out and book your ideal clients.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to us!

Proper brand strategy and design is the silent ambassador of your brand, and let’s be clear: your brand is more than just a logo and a name.

Knowing where to start is hard, but we are here to make this process streamlined and effortless. Brand Studio Creative cares about the success of your company and ensure that your brand represents YOU and your vision. BSC is lead by Founder and CEO, Katie Smetherman, with a master’s in brand strategy and communications so you can expect that your business will be strong and complete to reach your targeted audience.

How you can work with us

Brand Consulting & Strategy

The first step in every great endevor is with a solid strategy and plan. Smetherman Brand utilizes mastery brand strategy techniques to deliver powerful brands.

Design & Creative Services

Your brand is more than just a logo. Ensure that all your company assets are consistent and within your brand guidelines that you set with in your brand strategy.

Website Design & Development

Building your brand is just the first step. Next, reach your targeted audience globally with a top-notch website design, developed to be fully responsive and looking great no matter what digital device they view it.

Behind the Scenes

Breathing life into your brand.

CEO and Master Brander, Katie Smetherman is the woman behind the show, and setting the scene for you.

Katie is a Master Brand Strategist and designer providing YOU (lovely entrepreneur!) powerful visuals to stand out in your crowded market and attract your ideal clients with her Smetherman Brand technique.

Schedule your FREE 1:1 Design Consultation today with Katie to elevate your brand and get working with your dream clients. 

We’ll chat your vision, goals, and brainstorm the right visuals to get you there. We offer insight on the right branding and graphic design for you and if we’re a good fit, we’ll chat what it may look like to work together within your budget.

What Our Clients are Saying

Katie is an extremely talented with a rare dedication and pride in her work not found in most designers. She has a brilliant knack for branding guidelines, taking branding far beyond logo design and creating a true long-term system and brand experience. Katie works well with others and isn’t afraid to step up and manage processes to get deliverables out the door.

I highly recommend Katie and am absolutely honored to have worked with her.

Ross Van Balen

Art Director

Katie is an absolute boss. I have worked with Katie for almost two years now on several business ideas and projects and have been able to see her work grow and evolve into so many different areas. Whatever dream I had in my head, Katie was able to make it a reality and went above and beyond to make sure it was perfect! I absolutely love working with her too – through the work – we became great friends and I know I can always count on her. I have worked with other designers on smaller projects, but nobody will ever compare to Katie’s professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend her to everyone that is looking for high-quality work and I will continue working with her for years to come!

Elena Favaro Viana

CEO, Founder, Contracts for Entrepreneurs

Katie is a powerhouse creator, combining expert design skills with a strategic mindset to bring brands to life. I had the pleasure of working with Katie on half a dozen projects during our Masters and she was always a key participant in every stage, from research design and insight analysis to storyboarding and presenting. In addition to her professional skills, Katie is energetic, empathetic, and collaborative–a great addition to any team!

Rebecca Shamritsky

Content Manager

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